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Seed propagation

Seed propagation

We must be able to produce our varieties in large amounts and to the highest quality for sale. Therefore, for commercial seed propagation we have selected climates that give us the best seed quality. 

We propagate our sugar beet seeds on about 1000 ha in Provence (France) and in northern Italy: mild winters and dry summers translate into better seed quality and guaranteed maturation. Only the drying and preliminary cleaning of the harvested raw material takes place in the propagation area. Afterwards the entire beet seed crop is shipped to our seed technology centre in Söllingen for further processing.

The basic and preliminary propagations of our seeds take place in our own plant in Schlanstedt and other facilities around Söllingen and Schlanstedt. Our long working relationship with the propagation facilities guarantees production that meets our exacting variety demands.

3D Technology

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