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3D-technology "One to one comparison" for consistent varietal performance

As long ago as 1988, Strube set up an internal seed research department whose objective was  "A beet from every pellet". It quickly developed a seed quality index which has since served as an internal guideline for the production of marketable seed.


In successive series of trials lasting several years, the number of plants that had emerged from various seed lots was counted in a number of different dates. Artificially created stress situations such as soil splash and crusting revealed emergence performance under more difficult conditions. The results demonstrated the relationship between the seed quality index, field emergence and the homogeneity of the crop.


In addition, they prove the connection between seed quality and adjusted sugar yield. It was found that a badly developed seedling never manages to catch up with the growth of a well developed plant, even right up to harvest time. Thus a small seedling that has germinated late will produce a small beet, while a vigorous seedling that has germinated rapidly will produce a large beet. Despite their having the same genetics, the yields of individual plants will differ.

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Here too, Strube's 3D technology allows these inter-relationships to be demonstrated scientifically: micro-computer tomography allows the interiors of fruit and pellets to be examined non-destructively. The three-dimensional reconstructions from the tomograms show faithfully and in detail the individual tissues and their quality. If identical glomerules are planted out in soil, whether in a greenhouse or in the field, after the computer tomograms have been made, the resulting seedling plants can be compared with the identical computer tomograms and the quality-influencing factors identified. In this way, "one to one" comparisons are possible.


Only fully ripened fruit with uniformly good ovules will germinate rapidly and uniformly. Only they are able to make full use of the genetically determined performance of a variety, so that that variety will perform consistently well year after year.

3D Technology

What one-to-one comparison shows: just minimum differences in seed quality lead to a different emergence speed and seedling quality.