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3D-technology Pelleting - seed quality well packaged

After optimum processing, the naked seed is sent on to specialist companies, where it is pelleted in a number of stages; this includes it being "loaded" with fungicides and insecticides. In this way, further quality-influencing factors are added to the properties of the fruit and seed: factors such as the pelleting technology, the coating material, the binder, the drying and the applications of plant protectants.


These must not in any way detract from the imbibition, germination and sprouting behaviour of the well-developed seed. At this stage too, therefore, comprehensive quality control is essential to maintain consistently high seed quality.

Pillierung Pillierung Pillierung

With the assistance of automatic image analysis, the physical quality and uniformity of the pelleting is measured and monitored pellet by pellet. The insecticide and fungicide loading is checked using thin layer chromatography.


With the assistance of micro-computer tomography, the process of germination within the pellet can also be tracked. The imbibing of the embryo, the opening of the operculum, the bursting of the pellet coating and the emergence of the radicle and the cotyledons (seed leaves) can all be observed sequentially.

3D Technology

The quality of pelleting, pellet material and seed treatment contribute significantly to field emergence behaviour.