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3D-technology Seed quality: the best is just good enough

A single sugar beet plant can form up to 15,000 flowers. The bolting plant sends out a shoot, on the branches of which the flowers are positioned opposite each other in the leaf axils. The flowering lasts several weeks. After pollination, ripening begins, and with it the formation of the fruit, the embryo and the important perisperm or nutritive tissue.


As the appearance of the flowers is spread over a period of time, the harvested fruit vary not only in their size and shape, the physical structure of their tissue and the firmness of the operculum (ovary cap), but also in the degree of maturity of the embryo, its size, its chemical composition and its quantity of nutritive tissue.

Saatgutqualität Saatgutqualität Saatgutqualität Saatgutqualität

Micro-computer tomography is used to create three-dimensional X-ray images from the tomograms of the fruit. These pictures are evaluated using special software, whereby the components of the glomerules, which are clearly visible in the tomograms, are measured and the data converted into an analysable form. Biochemical analysis of the substances contained in the fruit determine the degree of ripeness of the seed lots. The determination of the germinability of the fruit and its weight, and also that of its various individual components, round off the investigation procedure.

In this way, the quality of the seed lot can be evaluated precisely and reliably. The next stage in the processing is the filtering out of those seeds or fruit that are of the highest quality. Seed samples taken regularly during the process are analysed to fine tune the settings of the machines, the degree of hulling or polishing and the homogenisation.

3D Technology



  • Measure
  • Evaluate
  • Influence

... the factors which are responsible for stable seed quality and hence the best and most consistent yield.